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Friday, August 19, 2005

Ben Acting Like An Idiot In Interviews

So, due to construction in the law school building, thee On-Campus Interviews are a bit of a misnomer this year. We are actually doing interviews in the Millennium Hotel.

So, I had a 10:50 interview yesterday. I left for it about 10:30....cutting it close. I arrived at the Hotel and looked for the interview room. Room 429. There WAS no room 429. There was a 420-428 and 430-439, but no 429. Concerned (since my interview was in 2 minutes) I went to the lobby and talked to the concierge.

The guy had been working there for 2 weeks. First thing he did was helpfully take me back up to the 4th floor and confirm that, yep, there was no room 429. Then we went back to the front desk and they tried to look up the room for the guy who was interviewing me.

Then, and only then, 2 minutes after the interview was supposed to have started, did I realize that I was not, in fact, at the Millennium Hotel. I had driven to the Washington and Duke Inn. I WENT TO THE WRONG FREAKIN' HOTEL!

So, I broke every traffic law in the State of North Carolina to race to the Millennium Hotel for my interview and arrived 10 minutes late for a 20 minute interview.

The good news is the guy was willing to do a phone interview at some future point. So all hope is not lost.

The bad news is I'm an idiot.

[Note to any potential employers that may somehow find this blog. That's hyperbole. Actually, I'm a genius. Don't take my word for it. Hire me and find out for yourself.]


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