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Friday, January 20, 2006

Christian Rocker Chicks Get Their Moment In The Spotlight

There are times when I really get tired of Christian radio. There's only so much sappy strings I can take. There's only so much James Dobson I can take (although when he's not talking about politics and confines himself to tips for raising children, he's actually not that bad).

What really bugs me is that Christian radio doesn't play any of the hard rock bands I like. Sure, there's fewer to choose from. For every Jars of Clay or Relient K, there's an awful "Christian Limp Bizkit" like Thousand Foot Krutch. But come on.....Christian radio's been playing Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, and Stephen Curtis Chapman for over a decade now. A little variety might be nice!

So I'm pleased to see a band of one of my favorite Christian rocker chick bands, Barlowgirl, getting some attention on Yahoo Music. (Note: you have to have a Yahoo account to watch the performance, but they have an excellent performance of "Never Alone.") Not only do they rock out, but they have good taste; they list Eisley as one of their favorite bands. Now if only they had a chance to hear red hot up-and-comers Unexpectedly Sober......

Dude! Eisley's coming to the Triangle on March 25! I'm so there!


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