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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Engagement Coincidence Zone

Welcome to The Engagement Coincidence Zone. The Twilight Zone has nothing on Duke Law.

My reader/readers knows/know I'm engaged to the lovely and talented Christy Resnick. It's not a stretch to say y'all know my name is Ben. Well, funny thing. Another guy at the law school named Ben recently got engaged. Not too weird, you say? True, Ben is a common name. But then there's this tidbit: his fiancee is also named Christy.

It doesn't end there.

Y'all may or may not know that the engagement ring I gave Christy (the Christy I'm engaged to...not the Christy that Ben is engaged to......oh, never mind) originally belonged to my grandmother. It's a family ring. I liked the symbolism of passing on the memories of one happy marriage into another and of making her part of my family. Anyways, another Duke Law student named Elisabeth recently got engaged. She has quite the fancy ring, with 3 diamonds....from her fiance's grandma's ring!

[cue Twilight Zone music] At least it's all happy weirdness.

Well, I'm off to get my butt kicked by my first day of classes. Toodles!


  • I want to leave one of my usual smartass comments, but I'm so overwhelmed by the fact that you ended your post with the word "Toodles" that I can't think straight.

    By Blogger Mike, at 8/24/2005 2:23 PM  

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