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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google Makes My Day

Since my heyday at The Slant, my Google ranking has gone steadily down. Which is to say, when I Google "Ben Stark", I often don't find anything about me on the first page even.

Egotistical to Google myself, I know.

Still, I'm happy to say that this blog is now number 6 on the list when I Google my name.

Of course, as Mike points out, searching for anything on Google could get dangerous unless they stay true.

Now get back to commenting on action-as-art.


  • I used to have a "competition" of sorts with my dad about which of us was at the top of Google's search for "Mike Mott". For a while it was me, ironically with my Torch article about legalizing marijuana. But for obvious reasons, I have been pushed downward in the last two years. My blog barely cracks page 1.

    Anyway, it's not egotistical at all. Everyone does it.

    By Blogger Mike, at 1/26/2006 12:29 PM  

  • There are so many "Matt Novak" playing music and writing books and playing football that I didn't see myself anywhere on the first 7 pages. On page 8 there's a comment I gave to some reporter regarding the Gonzales v. Oregon case. I still haven't found my blog anywhere. And searching "Matthew B. Novak" doesn't count, because no one cool uses their middle initial like that.

    By Blogger Matthew B. Novak, at 1/26/2006 12:45 PM  

  • I don't know... I can think of a few off the top of my head. George F. Will, William F. Buckley, Michael J. Fox, Craig T. Nelson, Capt. James T. Kirk, William O. Douglas...

    By Blogger Jeff, at 1/26/2006 5:53 PM  

  • Incidentally, I'm #2 for my name. But then, "Woodhead" isn't a particularly common last name.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 1/26/2006 5:55 PM  

  • Oooh, Captain James T. Kirk. That's the eopitme of cool.

    And I suppose there's always Atilla D. Hun

    By Blogger Matthew B. Novak, at 1/26/2006 8:54 PM  

  • Then there's me, who just assigns the middle initial "Q." to everyone, such as during baseball season when I was frequently heard rooting for Bradford Q. Lidge.

    And not that Jeff would have made this reference, but we mustn't forget Homer J. Simpson.

    By Blogger Mike, at 1/27/2006 1:02 PM  

  • And Jesus H. Christ.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 1/27/2006 3:15 PM  

  • Well,

    It is a long story... sort of, but I decided to put my name into Yahoo seach to see what would come up. I scrolled down a little and there was #6 "I am engaged to Christy Resnick. " I thought well maybe someone else could be engaged to a Christy Resnick. I decided to click on it and it was your blog. I started scrolling down looking casually at the titles thinking, he really does write on this a lot and then I came across this post. It made me laugh. Anyway thought you would enjoy my little (long) story :)
    Christy :)

    By Anonymous christy (ben's intrest), at 2/05/2006 2:26 AM  

  • oh, so maybe I did not explain the funny parts :) 1. I am famous now through your blog :0 2. that you would create a post on this subject that I would run across because of a search for my name.

    Ps- I like when I type in my name it says "Christy (ben's intrest)" I like being your "intrest"

    By Anonymous christy (ben's intrest), at 2/05/2006 2:29 AM  

  • Turns out I am #1 on google with your blog :) See how love can make us both #1

    By Anonymous christy (ben's intrest), at 2/05/2006 2:33 AM  

  • I found a Boo Resnick. I think I should change my name to Boo. Can you imagine the kids calling me "Ms. Boo"

    By Anonymous christy (ben's intrest), at 2/05/2006 2:39 AM  

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