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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bahamas Update....I Am An Engaged Man!

I'm paying for this internet time so I shall be brief....

Here's the update:

a) I AM ENGAGED! CHRISTY SAID "YES"! [Insert effusive expressions of love which would sicken my readers with this e-PDA. Assume I have been engaging in such expression, to my brother's disgust.]

b) I am writing this from the Bahamas....isn't that cool?

c) Yesterday I was outside Ernest Hemingway's house...and Margaritaville. Wastin' away again with the Old Man and the Sea.

d) Today, I fed parrots with apples. They liked perching on my hand, digging in REAL tight and eating.

e) My fiance spontaneously became a flamingo today.

Perhaps an explanation is necessary......


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