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Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Baby's All Grown Up.....

.....and getting media attention!

The Slant - the student humor paper into which my friends and I invested 3 years of blood, sweat, and laughter (with the occasional tears) - has finally received the recognition it deserves! From The Nashville Scene in its review of local college media:

The Slant
Think penis-joke-obsessed teenage cousin of The Onion. Vanderbilt's mockingly caustic satirist rag ruffled a few feathers when it distributed a bogus edition of The Hustler, falsely reporting Chancellor Gordon Gee's untimely death. Two years and a few faculty censures later, the online edition of Vanderbilt's sophomoric publication features Gee's beaming countenance super-imposed over a busty blonde's pasties-clad rack. The nebbish plutocrat is a popular target for The Slant's perpetually snarky contributors. Once the Weekend at Bernie's-style jousting recedes, The Slant proves to be a worthy contender to The Onion's golden throne of sarcasm.

That's right, baby! The Slant is the next Onion! And, for the record, she wasn't a blonde. At least not the frighteningly artificial blond that most Vandygirls sport.

I think I have some inkling of how proud parents might feel. I put my life and heart into this publication. Perhaps I was a tad obsessive when I literally began referring to it as "my baby." I'm not even sure I'll call my actual babies - whenever they come into existence - by that name. But The Slant - oh, it inspires a special kind of crazy devotion.

I am swelling with pride right now about our little publication that could. It's become part of the Nashville landscape and going strong. Here's to another 5 years!

[For those of you unfamiliar with my staggering comedic genius (read: the entire world, since I'm not a genius) you can read some of my work here. Happy to provide you with more distractions.]


  • I was inclined to post that "she wasn't a blonde" myself, on the Slant website. Personally, I think I was prouder of the shoutout to Slant parties - "you don’t have to pledge to have one hell of a social life. Just ask anyone who’s been to a Slant party." That was awesome. I consider myself something of a founder of Slant parties too, though Melanie, Banecker, and Collazzi probably deserve that title more.

    And for the record, I really don't think we're that penis-joke-obsessed.

    By Blogger Mike, at 8/28/2005 9:00 PM  

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