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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Well, That Was Fun

Just got back from the SpencerAcuff concert, which I attended along with Jamie Katz, who is a better dancer than I.

Let nobody deny that I am an enthusiastic fan. I was apparently so into it - y'know, air guitar, jumping up and down a lot, and otherwise rocking out - that Scott Cash, the lead singer of opening band Starting Tuesday actually called me out in between songs and gave me a free CD! They were a really good band, by the way.

SpencerAcuff themselves started slow at first. There were far too many teenagers standing around talking. So many, in fact, that when the band tried to play their quiet acoustic song, North Shore, I couldn't even hear them over the chattering teens. But, once Jaime and I moved to the front and the chattering kids left, the show blasted off! Great finale. They started playing the "Peanuts" theme and ended with a full hard rock jam session which included a bunch of enthusiastic fans (not including me) jumping on stage and dancing with the band.

Good times were had by all. Tomorrow, it's church and then back to the grind. Tonight, it's musical bliss.


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