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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Art, Stripes, Chainsaws, and Flamingos

Ever get that tingling feeling on the back of your neck when you encounter great art? Maybe it's just me. Whenever I see an uber-creative movie like, say, Magnolia or Millions, the hairs stand up on the back of my neck and I get this giddy feeling inside. I LOVE creativity. It makes me appreciate the talents God has placed in us. Even if it's coming from an atheist, I view artistic expression as an example of humankind being made in God's image.

The latest example of hair-raising creativity is the new White Stripes album (appropriately called "Get Behind Me Satan"). Just listening to the first 3 songs ("Blue Orchid" "The Nurse" "My Doorbell") got me grinning like an idiot at how COOL it all is. Those songs are so entirely different from each other and from anything the Stripes have ever done before. I cannot WAIT to see these guys at Music Midtown.

The rest of the album didn't blow me away upon first listen, but I suspect it will upon the 2nd, as more subtleties come out.

Border authorities let this guy into the U.S. even after finding he had a bloody chainsaw and a home-made sword. Meanwhile, Lee, one of my coworkers, was stopped at a border for, like, half a day and her car was searched thoroughly (ok, not at the same time). She was never told why, but she suspects it was because one of her passengers was Ugandan.

Lesson for today, if you want to cross the border with a wild-eyed look on your face and a bloody chainsaw, make sure you're a White American.

Have I mentioned I'm engaged? Don't worry, Christy's not a flamingo any more. Just the world's most wonderful woman.

Out of a desire not to sicken my readers, I shall restrain singing Christy's praises on the blog (I won't hold back in person). Out of a desire to confuse my readers, I will postpone explaining the flamingo thing.....


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