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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Poverty, Chaos, and Death

I can't stop thinking about Hurricane Katrina. From the ecnomic effects (potential Depression on its way) to the human suffering to the sheer magnitude of the thought that almost an entire city is flooded............it has a way of occupying the mind.

Newsweek has some photos of the suffering taking place in New Orleans, especially near the Superdome. [WARNING: Some of the photos are very graphic.] Looking at the photos of the people still stuck in the city and at the Superdome, I couldn't help but notice how......Black they were. Hardly a Caucasian in sight.

It's always the poorest and the disadvantaged who are most screwed by these things. Many lived closest to the most dangerous areas and lacked the resources to get out. And now, even in America, the effects of poverty are dramatically, violently spread out on the TV news for the world to see. A friend of mine is already referring to the looting and chaos as a "class riot."

For the love of God, donate!


  • There are a ton of people from New Orleans here in Houston for various forms of refuge, and the outpouring of support and donations has been enormous. The Buzz has been running a request-a-thon for over 40 hours non-stop, trading song requests for money to go to the Red Cross. As horrible as these tragedies are, I can't help but smile at the way people get involved and show genuine concern. It's unfortunate that it takes catastrophic events to remind us of the goodness of people.

    By Blogger Mike, at 9/02/2005 12:46 AM  

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