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What Would People Think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Here's a particularly bizarre piece of news for ya:

Some guy stole a jet from Florida. Terrorist perhaps? Or a felon trying to flee the country? Apparently not.

The guy flew the plane into a small airport in Atlanta (the kind that's closed after 9:00 PM because who the heck would want to land at this tiny airport at that time anyway?). He landed there after the runway lights came on automatically and then he slipped away, leaving police scratching their heads at this random empty plane sitting there in their jurisdiction.

Daniel Wolcott of Buford, GA has been arrested and charged with stealing the plane and "joyriding" to Georgia.

Now, everybody's innocent until proven guilty (sigh....yes, even Tom Delay), but assuming Wolcott did it....Mr. Wolcott, what the hell was going through your head? "Golly, there's this plane just lying around. I'm sure nobody will mind if I just take it for a spin."

People are weird.


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