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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Depressing Budgetary News

In keeping with the quote on Mike's blog regarding budgetary issues, I bring you the following depressing news: According to a couple nonpartisan analyst groups, The Concord Coalition and The Tax Policy Center, each of the three candidates' proposals will balloon the national debt over the next decade. (See the story here.)

Unsurprisingly, McCain's proposals will fuel debt via tax cuts whereas Obama and Clinton's proposals will do so via spending. (Each candidate argues some other measures they are taking will pay for their plans, but the analysts in these two groups aren't optimistic.) Somewhat more surprisingly, it's predicted that McCain's proposal will add to the debt 3 times as much as the Democrats'.

Great campaign slogan: "Vote Democrat! Fiscally speaking, they'll only screw over your grandchildren 1/3 as much." Yup, I'm inspired.


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