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Sunday, February 08, 2009

As Long As I'm Posting Links

I do have things to say. Actual thoughts that don't involve posting links to other people's stuff. I've been thinking a lot lately about my faith, why I believe what I believe.....about where I'm going with my life and whether I'm doing enough to help the oppressed (short answer: no)......about why I've come to reject a philosophy of life and politics based on the economic concept of utility, or the idea of "self-actualization." I'd love to blog endlessly about the theological mistakes of George W. Bush as they related to his Iraq policy (I've had that one kicking around in my head for years). I wanted to launch into a defense of Rick Warren before the Inauguration, or write a praise of his Invocation prayer after I saw the Inauguration, or go deeper and write an examination of the role of evangelicals like myself in the Democratic party.......and later on, I wanted to examine why I had such a chip on my shoulder about the whole criticism of Rick Warren. (Short answer: Although he's more conservative than me, I kind of saw Warren's relationship with Obama as a proxy for my relationship with the Democratic party. The furious criticism of Warren as a bigot and a huckster made me wonder if I have any place in the Democratic party. This coming from the former President of the Duke Law Democrats.) I've formulated in my head a discussion of why I follow what the Bible says about a subject even when I don't want to, and whether that makes me not-a-free-thinker or gives me a place to stand outside of the culture to critique it. And, of course, I wanted to write about life events - Christy's ongoing illness (it's been a year now and she's still having the damn palpitations!), a visit with Jeff & Danielle and their new-ish baby, Selah.....getting to know my awesome Bible study group......movies (Gran Torino = awesome).....music (wouldn't know a new song if it hit me over the head with a guitar being smashed by the ghost of Kurt Cobain)......anything! BUT I NEVER HAVE THE TIME ANYMORE!


Okay, I'm glad I got that out of my system. Where was I?

First, see the post below. Read Ian's blog. Make him the most popular liberal legal commentator ever.

Second, check out this young artist's youtube channel. She's got an amazing voice, as does her sister. I wish she wouldn't cover the Decemberist songs so quickly. But whatever. I hope she makes it big. She's certainly got great taste in covers and the vocal talent. Is she playing the guitar well? I wouldn't even know.


  • I'd be very excited to read several of your posts, specifically the theological mistakes of Bush, the rejection of utility-based philosophy & politics, the place in the Democratic party bit, and the following the Bible vs. free thinking idea. So basically, all of your topics. You really should do your best to get to them, for all of our edification. You owe it to the world to share your insights.

    You're definetly right about it being hard to make the time. I just try to make it a priority, and once you get into a rythm it helps. I find I just have to cut out other leisure activities in order to post. My guitar hero suffers for it, but that's the price I pay. I also stay up later than my wife sometimes, so that helps.

    Good luck getting to these posts. I look forward to them.

    By Blogger Matthew B. Novak, at 2/10/2009 12:13 AM  

  • I know what you mean with having little time to sit and post what is going on in your head. Priorities! I have realized that blogging has had to take a back burner for a while. One day it will pick back up again. I'm missing out on so much documentation though my posts are not as thought provoking as yours. I do love reading how your mind works. Miss you lots!

    By Blogger Ronda, at 2/12/2009 8:58 PM  

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