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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My New Favorite Comic

I've been pining for a great comic since the demise of The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes. Lately, I've been falling in love with a comic called Brewster Rockit. Check out great examples here and here.

Also, comment on my song.


  • Yeah, those seem pretty funny, I'm gonna have to check this one out from now on. Also, ever since all those great comics disappeared I've really enjoyed Fox Trot, and Pearls Before Swine is good too. But my new favorite (as of the last year) is Get Fuzzy. If you don't know it, sit down with a book of Get Fuzzy, and by about 4 pages in you'll be laughing like crazy. If you do know it already, you know what I'm talking about. Man I love Get Fuzzy.

    By Blogger Matthew B. Novak, at 3/29/2006 12:45 PM  

  • Agreed - Get Fuzzy rocks. It's definitely my type of humor. But this is pretty funny too.

    By Blogger Jeff, at 3/29/2006 5:39 PM  

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