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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Brief Eisley Show Report

Ok, I just spent almost 2 hours writing a song. I may post it eventually.

The point is, I don't have much time now to write a lengthy Eisley show review. So...the highlights.

I missed the opening band - Brighten (whose website is down as of this posting) - because the show started 30 minutes early. I mean, come on! When have you ever been to a concert that started ON TIME, much less EARLY?! The 2nd opening band - Simon Dawes - was excellent on stage. They knew how to work a crowd. I wasn't impressed with the songs I heard on their web-page, but they've really got stage presence.

As for the main event.....

Few bands that I like can be described as "sweet." But Eisley fits the bill. Sherri Dupree, who could be called the "lead singer" in that she did most of the talking with the audience, was positively glowing about being recently engaged. [I can identify.] The positive vibes flowed into the performance and into the interactions with the audience. When they sang "I Wasn't Prepared" she let the audience sing the chorus and then complimented the audience's singing ability afterwards.

Stacy Dupree - on the keyboards - is getting better on stage. The first performance I saw of Eisley, she seemed kind of blank and nervous. Reminded me of Aimee Mann's sleep-inducing performances of wonderful music. Well, Stacy's much improved. She really got into the music this time. Much more relaxed and natural. And I've never had any complaints about her voice.

Chauntelle Dupree - rhythm guitar - continued to be Chauntelle-esque. Playing guitar and singing her heart out without actually singing into the microphone. I love that b/c it reminds me of me. Only I don't have a guitar either. I just pretend I have a guitar and pretend I can sing and don't care what people say about it. Chauntelle, on the other hand, should sing more. I know she's got a good voice b/c I've heard her sing.

Garron Dupree - the new kid on the bass, cousin of the rest of the band - did what bassists do. Kept his head down, didn't draw attention, and played. He did just fine, from what I could tell. How young is he though? He looks, like, 12. But he also looks like he's taller than me. Of course, that could be b/c he was on a stage....

Weston Dupree - on the drums - is getting better and better. I've only recently started paying close attention to drumming after Mike used drums on one of his songs for the first time. So I'm beginning to notice the growth of his work between old songs and new songs.

Speaking of new songs, I got some new Eisley songs for you to see/hear. First, check out "Head Against the Sky" on their myspace. Very different from their earlier stuff. Second, check out these videos recorded by a fan at last night's show. The video isn't that great, but the audio is surprisingly clear. These are some of their new songs. The 2nd one was written after reading "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

(The Eisley fan community, by the way, is awesome. How do I know this? Aside from one fan sending me the links to those videos...I have a story for you. One mother of an Eisley fan took her daughter to a concert in Nashville. The daughter bought a t-shirt and got the band to sign it. And then she lost the shirt. Very upset, of course. The mother posted about it on the Eisley fan forum. And immediately other fans were making arrangements to buy a shirt at a later show, get it signed, and send it to that mother and daughter. How awesome is that?)


  • Yay Eisley! (Still disappointed I missed them when they came here, especially since it seems I have to wait until Pearl Jam in July for another band I like to come through.)

    Post that song! And call me sometime, so I don't interrupt another "social event".

    By Blogger Mike, at 3/27/2006 9:54 AM  

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