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What Would People Think?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Testing working with pictures

This is a picture of me gesturing toward a shoe.

I did it so people would ask me "why are you gesturing toward that shoe?"


  • Pic is from 1L year. I just never actually experimented with pictures on this blog before, so I was trying it out.

    By Blogger Ben, at 3/25/2006 1:24 PM  

  • I dunno, to me it just seems completely natural that you would gesturing toward a shoe. Maybe I'm just weird. Or maybe I'm just too acquainted with your weirdness.

    By Blogger Mike, at 3/25/2006 1:45 PM  

  • Either speculation is very likely true.

    By Blogger Ben, at 3/25/2006 1:53 PM  

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