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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hell Just Froze Over.....

.....I agreed with something written by the National Review - one of the leading frighteningly conservative magazines. The same magazine that published a cover story which - in all serious - advocated bombing Canada. No, that wasn't just part of the South Park movie.

But there's an actual thoughtful column in the latest NatRev. It all started when a conservative college student group - Young America's Foundation - announced a conference. A liberal college student group - Campus Progress - sent one of its reporters to get press credentials to report on the event. YAF's media relations director not only denied the credentials, he was a real jerk about it.

The author of the National Review piece condemns this rudeness as well as the "take-no-prisoners" style of his activist colleagues. The author is obviously a conservative, but you can switch the words "liberal" and "conservative" in the column and this guy ably explains my own complaints about my close-minded, vicious liberal colleagues.

So, as the temperature in Hell drops and the Apocalypse approaches, I encourage you to read this article in the National Review.

Oh, by the way, I'm getting married in 10 days!!!!!!!


  • One thing I really respect about you Ben is your open-mindedness. I think it makes your political passion much more powerful.

    By Blogger Kenny, at 8/05/2006 1:25 AM  

  • uh, that NR column you cited -- the "bomb Canada" one -- was a joke. feel free to bash NR for its frightening conservatism -- it's been around for 50 years, so presumably it can take it. but don't suggest that one of the most respected political journals in the world seriously advocated bombing Canada, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/11/2006 4:23 PM  

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