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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Random Thoughts

With that most meaningless of titles, I present to you a couple undeveloped thoughts that do not merit an entire blog post.

1. Chronicles of Narnia on DVD! Hoo, yeah!

2. Inside Man is quite fun. You should go see it. It's the latest entry in the Well-Constructed Thriller genre (which I describe here). Sure, it's Spike Lee and he's just slumming by making simply a Well-Constructed Thriller. This is the man who made Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X. But....well, this is also the man who made Bamboozled and She Hate Me. Right now, I'm glad he's slumming.

3. Tom DeLay's out. Some Democrats are sad to see him go b/c he made such a good campaign issue. I say good riddance. That corrupt, ultra-partisan man was a cancer on the body politic.

4. And the Supreme Court doesn't take the Padilla case. That means Hamdan is potentially the last chance for the Court to define the War on Terror and the limits of the President's powers. Otherwise....yeah, it's President-as-King.

5. As always, I oppose the death penalty. But it's hard when you got an ass like Zacarias Moussaoui. An incompetent, blowhard, terrorist ass at that. Main reason to oppose the death penalty in his case: it's what he wants. He wants to be a martyr. I say humiliate him by throwing him in jail for life and making him eat meals with a burly man named Bubba.

6. Last night, I dreamt that I took a plane to London. But I didn't have my passport, and so couldn't get back into the country. (How I got out of the country in the first place is unclear. But we're talking dream logic here.) Don't quite know what to make of that. Of course, I don't quite know what to make of most of my dreams...like the one where I had a car the size of a Hot Wheels car and would shrink whenever I got inside it and then grow to normal size whenever I got out. (Again, logically, it would have taken me forever just to get out of my parking lot at that size....and I'd get run over by real cars. But dream logic doesn't know such things.)


  • For me, the greatest thing about Tom DeLay's departure is that my mom will no longer be solicited for campaign contributions in the mail. Yes, she chortles and throws them away, but what a waste of paper. Sayonara, Tommy boy.

    Also, for me, the greatest thing about the Moussaoui trial has been constantly pointing at the TV and saying, "I grew up there! I've driven by there! I rule!"

    I oppose the death penalty for the Zach Attack because I think death is too good for some people. So I, in essence, agree with your sentence.

    By Blogger Mike, at 4/04/2006 11:53 AM  

  • Did you actually just refer to Zacarias Moussaoui as "The Zach Attack"?

    I would at least call him "He Of The Impossible-To-Spell- Because-There's-Too-Many-Vowels Last Name"

    By Blogger Ben, at 4/04/2006 11:58 AM  

  • Isn't Zach Attack something they put in Zaxby's commercials? ;-)

    By Blogger Monica, at 4/04/2006 5:57 PM  

  • What's Zaxby's?

    I didn't realize the inadvertent punnage in referring to Moussaoui as Zack Attack. Until now. Oops.

    I meant to mention earlier, that I would add the periodic, ritualistic plucking of body hair to any terrorist's list of punishments.

    By Blogger Mike, at 4/04/2006 6:39 PM  

  • Hmmmmm, I'll have to run that one by the 8th Amendment, Mike.

    By Blogger Ben, at 4/04/2006 6:45 PM  

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